IEEE is the world’s largest technical professional organization dedicated to advancing technology for the benefit of humanity. IEEE and its members inspire a global community through its highly cited publications, conferences, technology standards, and professional and educational activities.

IEEE Estonia Section is locally supporting IEEE activities mostly through the organization of professional meetings, invited lectures, workshops and other events.

Upcoming Events


New joint chapter is born

On 14th of December the IEEE Member and Geographic Activities Department approved the petition to form a new joint chapter “Estonia Section Industry Applications, Power & Energy, and Robotics and Automation Joint Societies Chapter“. Shortly: IA/PE/RA joint chapter.
The prelim chair of the chapter is initiator of the petition Marko Koort (Industrial Ambassador of the section) and one of his the first activities will be organization of elections to elect full chair and vice-chair of the chapter.
Congratulations and lot of energy for all members of the IA/PE/RA chapter!

In memoriam

6. novembril 2016 lahkus ootamatult meie hulgast IEEE 20-aastase staažiga liige Eiko Kängsep.
IEEE Eesti sektsioon mälestab Eikot kui head kolleegi, inseneri ja vabatahtlikku ning avaldab kaastunnet tema lähedastele. Eiko on olnud IEEE Eesti sektsiooni kohusetundlik ja alati abivalmis varahaldur selle algusaastatest 2005-2006 kuni lahkumispäevani, enam kui 10 aastat. Eiko valmistus ametit sujuvat üle andma ning tema kaasalöömine IEEE-s juures jätkunuks – lisaks varahaldurile oli Eiko sektsiooni Hariduse ja SP/CAS/SSC üksuste liige. Sektsiooni senistel muutlikel tegevus- ja kasvuaastatel on Eiko olnud üheks kindlaks ühenduslüliks, mis on aidanud sektsiooni pärandit tekitada ja hoida. Peame seda meeles.
Ärasaatmine 10. novembril 2016 kell 14:00 Pärnamäe Krematooriumis.

Recent Section officers election

IEEE Estonia Section Board Elections on 2016 on October 14-21, 2016 were held to elect volunteers who will take over the responsibilities of section chair, secretary and treasurer for the next two years since the 1st of January 2017. The results of election, as confirmed by Election Committee: Urmet Jänes (chair), Innar Liiv, Madis Listak, are following:
Chair: Peeter Ellervee
Secretary: Maie Bachmann
Treasurer: Reeno Reeder

IEEEXtreme 10.0 success

13 teams took part of this year anniversary IEEEXteme programming competition, 8 from Tallinn University of Technology and 5 from University of Tartu (one team was formed in Narva College of UT). The result was impressive because a team – VertexCover from UT reached to the 1st place in leaderboard, sharing the same score with teams from Switzerland, Iran and Australia! Three teams from UT were in the fist hundred, three teams from TUT in the second hundred, meaning that about half of teams were good enough to belong to the top 10% of participants around the globe.
Great job, Estonian teams (ordered according to place in leaderboard): VertexCover, eSchmetterlinge, Enceladus, singleSpace, 50MoreLinesOfCode, SuperFly, TheEbony, TheTeamTeam, CodeZal, suvakas, ChildrenCoding and NarvaCollegeCode!
Dark night, the competition has just begun. Tallinn teams at 3:35
The leaderboard. The very top.

K. Tammemäe 24.10.2016

IEEE Day 2016

Happy IEEE Day 2016!

On 4th of October the members of IEEE around the globe are celebrating the IEEE Day with number of inspiring events, competitions and gatherings.
In Tallinn, many of the IEEE members are busy with Baltic Electronic Conference which is in all terms proper event to celebrate the IEEE Day too.
In addition, Student branches and WIE of TUT SB might have something special in their agenda!
Also, one more of IEEE events is approaching – IEEEXtreme 24h programming contest on 22th of October. Several student teams have already registered as the deadline is closing (14th of October). The aim – to repeat success of previous competitions and get into the list the first hundred of the best programmers teams in the world.
Let the IEEE Day be something contextually important for everyone on our path for Advancing technology for humanity!