Signal Processing / Circuits and Systems / Solid-State Circuits Joint Societies Chapter

The Signal Processing/Circuits and Systems /Solid-State Circuits (SP/CAS/SSC) joint IEEE Society Chapter is the oldest IEEE chapter in Estonia. The establishment of the chapter predates IEEE Estonia, as it was originally founded as a Chapter of IEEE Finland Section. The effective date of chapter formation was 10 March 1998.

The main objective of the chapter is to provide a forum for professionals in both academia and industry to exchange ideas and knowledges in wide fields of signal processing, circuits and systems. We specialize in organizing meetings, seminars and workshops, in supporting conferences and other science and technology events, as well as in delivering information to our members and establishing professional relations between them and their colleagues around the world.

Leadership Team

Gert Tamberg


Past Chairs: Gholamreza Anbarjafari (until 1th of March, 2021); Tõnu Trump (until 27th of February, 2018); Rein Sabolotny (until 31th of January 2014).