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IEEE Estonia Section is locally supporting IEEE activities mostly through the organization of professional meetings, invited lectures, workshops and other events.

Upcoming Events


IEEE distinguished lecturer Prof. Maria Sabrina Greco "Advanced Techniques of Radar Detection in Non-Gaussian Background"

On Wednesday, 16th September 2015 at 14:00, Tallinn University of Technology, room NRG-226
IEEE distinguished lecturer Prof. Maria Sabrina Greco from University of Pisa



After a brief introduction dedicated to modern statistical and spectral modeling and analysis of high-resolution sea and ground clutter, the lecture will focus on coherent radar detection in non-Gaussian background. Optimum and sub-optimum detectors are derived and their performance analysed against a non-Gaussian background. Different interpretations of the various detectors are provided that highlight the relationships and the differences among them. Moreover, some discussion is dedicated to how to make adaptive the detectors, by incorporating a proper estimate of the disturbance covariance matrix, in order to guarantee the CFAR behaviour of the detector. Results with simulated and real recorded data will be shown.

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IEEE Estonia Section was recognized on base of three last years of membership development performance. As a matter of fact, the ratio of IEEE members in Section to population of Estonia has reached to level of older European countries.

Still there is lot of space to increase it further 🙂

Prof. Visa Koivunen lecture: "Robust Estimators for Complex-Valued Multichannel Data"

On Wednesday, 8th April 2015 14:00 at Tallinn University of Technology, room U02-102
IEEE Distinguished lecturer Prof. Visa Koivunen

Robust Estimators for Complex-Valued Multichannel Data

Prof. Visa Koivunen is the Full Professor of Signal Processing in Aalto University, Finland, since 1999. He holds the Academy Professor position. He was a Principal Investigator in SMARAD Center of Excellence in Research in 2002-2013. He was also Adjunct Full Professor, University of Pennsylvania, USA (2003-2006); Visiting Fellow, Princeton University, NJ, USA (2007, 2013-2014); and part-time Visiting Fellow, Nokia Research Center (2006-2012). His research interest include statistical, communications, sensor array and multichannel signal processing. He has published about 350 papers in international scientific conferences and journals. He co-authored the papers receiving the best paper award in IEEE PIMRC 2005, EUSIPCO’2006, EUCAP 2006 and COCORA 2012. He has been awarded the IEEE Signal Processing Society best paper award for the year 2007. He is the recipient of 2015 EURASIP Technical Achievement Award.

IEEE Estonia Section ExCom 2015-2016

The election of Estonia Section officers took place electronically on 7-14 February 2015, following a call for candidates January 30th to February 5th. The voting  attracted a record participation rate this year, 31%. Each position also attracted write-in candidates, which is a testament to increased volunteer activity.
The section ExCom will be the following for 2015-2016.

  • Chair: Kalle Tammemäe
  • Vice-Chair: Peeter Ellervee (elected in 2014)
  • Treasurer: Eiko Kängsep
  • Secretary: Maie Bachmann

Nomination Committee (Urmet Jänes, Olev Märtens, Arno Kolk)