The Rise of Intelligent Virtual Worlds: How AI Could Revolutionize Virtual/Extended Reality

Event start: May 5, 2023, 10:00
Duration: 2 hours
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Join us for the invited keynote by Dr. Ali Geris and Dr. Murat Kilinc! This presentation is part of collaboration between Centre for Intelligent Systems, TalTech, and IEEE Estonia Section Young Professionals Affinity Group.

The event will be hybrid, so instead of the registration link,  a direct link to join the MS Teams meeting is provided. We are looking forward to your participation! The abstract of the keynote is provided below.


Virtual/extended reality technologies, along with artificial intelligence, are rapidly advancing and have the potential to revolutionize our interactions with the world. In this presentation, we will delve into the latest breakthroughs in VR/XR and AI, with a particular emphasis on their potential applications in education, especially within the MetaCBU context. We will explore how these technologies are being harnessed to create more immersive and interactive educational simulations, enhance the learner experience, identify new teaching strategies, and transform collaboration between stakeholders. Additionally, we will discuss how AI-powered virtual worlds first developed for education can be adapted and applied to other fields such as engineering, healthcare, and entertainment. Nevertheless, as with any emergent technology, ethical considerations such as privacy, security, and bias must also be addressed. Finally, we will explore the future of these technologies, including more advanced haptic feedback systems based on data, decision support systems for virtual environments, and the potential to create even more realistic and immersive virtual worlds.