IEEE Estonia Section Annual Seminar 2024

Event start: September 6, 2024, 10:00
Duration: 2 days
Registration link:

Join us at the traditional IEEE Estonia Annual Seminar which this year will take place in Vinnistu Art Hotel over the span of two days.

To register to the event, follow the link on this page. It is the same one that you can find in the invitation email. Please take note of the free slots and if you want to give a talk during the event, please also make sure to indicate this during the registration. Finally, to validate registrations, please have your IEEE membership number handy as it will be collected.

We hope to see you at the event!

Event Schedule

Date/TimeSpeakerTalk/Event TitleRemarks
Fri, September 6, 2024
10:00−11:00Arrival to Vinnistu Art Hotel and Welcome Coffee
11:00−11:10Dmitri VinnikovFormal opening of the event
11:10−11:30Dmitri Vinnikov, Urmet JänesIEEE Estonia Section: latest news and information
11:30−11:45Toomas Vaimann, Dmitri VinnikovSigning MoU with Estonian Young Academy of Sciences + short speech of Toomas
11:45−12:00AmjadGreetings and Short Speech from the IEEE Denmark Section
12:00−12:15Ilya GalkinGreetings and Short Speech from the IEEE Latvia Section
12:15−13:00Short Reports from Sections, Affinity Groups and Neighbour Sections (9x5 min)
Andrii ChubIES/PELS/IAS/PES Joint Chapter
Gert TambergSP/CAS/SSC Joint Chapter
Alar KuusikC/COM/IT Chapter
Paul AnnusIM/ED/EMB Joint chapter
Valery VodovozovEducation Chapter
Junming KeUniversity of Tartu SB
Arqum ShahidTalTech SB
Aleksei TepljakovYoung Professionals
Vladimir KutsRobotics
13:00 – 14:00Lunch
14:00−15:00Andrii Chub, Vladimir KutsPresentations of candidates for IEEE Estonia Section Chair position and open debates
15:00-16:00New Initiatives
16:00−18:00Technical Session
16:00−16:15Andrii Chubtbd
16:15−16:30Aleksei TepljakovSome Recent Advances in Robust Fractional-order Control
16:30−16:45Ahmet KöseDemand Side Management and Demand Response in Real Estate
16:45−17:00free slot
17:00−17:15free slot
17:15−17:30free slot
17:30−17:45free slot
17:45−18:00free slot
18:00−20:00Social event*
Sat, September 9, 2023


* Social event info pending.

NB! We don’t have central arrangements of transportation, so feel free to contact your colleagues to arrange it with them or you can come with your car and take some people on-board.