Back to the Future: The Decentralisation Journey

Event start: May 18, 2021, 15:30
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes
Registration link:

The past decade has been characterised by the raise of the data center, the relentless dominance of the GAFAM and overall a trend toward “centralised” systems. This model has helped propelling the growth SaaS, mutualise the IT infrastructure of several companies and bootstrapped Consumer IoT (Internet of Things), but it has also started to crack under the pressure and shown clear limitations in supporting Industrial IoT use cases. At about the same time, additional concerns around sovereignty, confidentiality, and energy efficiency, started to grow and eventually led to the realisation that we needed to get back to the future. We needed to get back to decentralised architectures.

In this presentation, we will motivate the need for decentralisation by providing a sufficient number of real-world use cases that can hardly work with a different approach. We will share our experience in trying to define a decentralised data, control and management plane for Fog/Edge computing and share our research results.


The webinar is open to everyone, you can circulate this announcement within your institutions. We will send out the link to the registrants the afternoon of the 17th of May.


I would like to thanks our Industry/Academia Cooperation coordinator Dr. Diomidis Michalopoulos and our DL/vDL coordinator Saud Althunibat for their efforts in organizing the event.